My name is Bernhard Ranner. I was born 1984 in Vienna, Austria. After being trained in Graphic Design I studied Industrial Design at the University of Applied Arts "die Angewandte". Parallel to my studies I engaged in photography, documenting the underground electronic music scene in Austria under the pseudonym Crowdstrudel. Towards the end of my studies I set up a metal working / prototyping workshop with a friend of mine. Upon my graduation in 2011 I started to work at the Vienna based design studio EOOS on the Reinvent the Toilet Challenge project, funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

After three years at EOOS I decided to focus on my workshop full time and started the prototyping / design workshop “der ProtoTyp”. Ever since I have been helping clients from the creative industry to transform ideas into real physical, tangible objects.
2016 I teamed up with Lukas Porak a fellow "maker", biotechnologist and expert in 3d-printing. Together we run the workshop "die PrototTypen". Our approach is very hands on and often experimental. We uses a variety of materials and processes, ranging from traditional craftsmanship to digital fabrication techniques. 

In the past years I was able to gain teaching experience by running model building workshops at the Angewandte, New Design University and Institute of Design Research Vienna.