Dust, noise and unsafe environments makes demolition work one of the most dangerous professions. Working in these environments can lead to serious illnesses such as vibration disease, burns, loss of hearing or even death. As a consequence of these dangers, the Kaputt.R demolition robot works autonomously within a building, effectively replacing human workers in dangerous zones.

Its folded two-armed architecture allows a wide range of motion, a counter-weight automatically balancing the extended arms. The Kaputt.R is propelled by 4 electric caterpillar tracks, allowing a wide and stable stance without exceeding the maximum load-bearing capacity of the floor. A wide range of tools can be attached, such as a buzz-saw, plow, or high precision tools like the PowerGun. The PowerGun is a device specifically made for demolition. It directs pressure waves of propane gas explosions in a linear direction, effectively weakening walls by shooting holes through them. The weakened wall can then be easily knocked down.

Kaputt.R was a university project, done 2009 together with Erol Kursani, Florian Wille and Tony Weichselbraun. Kaputt.R was a finalist at the Braun Prize 2009.